Kinny List

For iOS and Android

Kinny List is a new, incentivized platform for networking and business collaboration. We are building a community where people can come together to learn, grow, and succeed.

On Kinny List, you can:

Learn new skills from our curated "Learning Resources" page. We have a wide range of video resources available covering the latest and most lucrative industries today.

Connect with new people in our Discord server. Our Discord server is a great place to meet other people who are interested in networking and collaboration.

Create and view listings from other users. You can list your services, products, or projects on Kinny List. Other users can then browse and contact you if they are interested in what you have to offer.

And much more!

If you are looking for a platform to help you learn, grow, and succeed, Kinny List is the place for you. Join us today and start moving forward!


The intention is to help our followers earn supplemental income by having fun and using our apps! Soon, "Kinny List" will begin rewarding users with SPL tokens on the Solana blockchain, allowing users to use the app and participate in their community for a certain amount of time each day to EARN cryptocurrency. The DRIPPZ currency is one of the tokens flowing throughout the Solana ecosystem, and soon you will be able to earn it simply by using the app every day!

STAY TUNED for this important KEY UPDATE!

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